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A restaurant employee handbook provides your staff with the rules, guidelines, and clarity they need to do their jobs efficiently. While the restaurant employee handbook is not a contract, it can cover you in the case of HR events that result in legal action. Your employee handbook does not replace formal training, but staff can use it as a point of reference for dealing with issues or refreshing themselves on policies.

Our team of experts takes the time needed to develop a custom employee handbook to be as clear and specific as possible to your brand's needs. The average length of our employee handbooks is 26 pages long. It will be essential to ensure all new hires thoroughly read and sign the handbook.

Our handbooks will:

  • Inform employees of policies, procedures, mission, and goals

  • Set clear employment standards

  • Reduce misconduct

  • Promote consistent enforcement policies and procedures

  • Demonstrate equality

  • Legally protect your restaurant