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Our industry experts will curate a beverage dining program where each carefully crafted beverage will provide a refreshing and memorable experience for your guests while maintaining profitability. The beverage program will consider your restaurant concepts, brand pillars, target audience, and neighborhood demographics and leverage current alcohol trends in the hospitality industry.

A typical beverage and bar menu development includes:

Creation of specialty cocktails, including recipes and guidelines for preparation and service.

  • Creation of wine list (by the glass and by the bottle) with suggested menu pricing.

  • Creation of beer list (draft and/or bottles) with suggested menu pricing.

  • Creation of liquor program (list of vodkas, rums, tequilas, gins, etc. to have stocked at the bar)

  • A detailed pour cost will be provided for each item. All beverage items will be designed to enhance the guest experience while maintaining a profitable alcohol cost.